RULES!!!!(New members must read!)

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RULES!!!!(New members must read!) Empty RULES!!!!(New members must read!)

Post  Snape_Luff on Sat Jul 12, 2008 1:26 pm

Razz ok people before you join you must know the rules. Its like a game if you dont fallow the rules ur out. Now on with it! <3

clown Rule one. No porno or hate mail. If there is any I will have ur account deleted Asap. Is that understood? I hope so.

affraid Now, This place isnt just about Harry potter. Yes I will allow RP stuff cause thats fun. Anyway I do not want any thing above PG for your pics if you put any.

No harassment please

I love you idk if I'm for getting anything...well have fun!

cheers Also you can put up storys and poems....start jokes as long as they dont offend people or Harry potter XD

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